Connection Lab

At Lifelab, we harness the power of human connection to foster personal growth and self-awareness, to build connections, share stories, and participate in important conversations

Lifelab lounge & community space

At Lifelab, our Lounge is more than just a space; it's a community hub. Here, members can use the lounge as a cosy nook to connect, to read or simply unwind. Bond over shared stories, participate in special events, and find solace in a cozy corner tailored for genuine connections, group discussions, brainstorming, or simply deep conversations.

Lifelab growth connection workshops

Dive into Lifelab's growth connection workshops. Our curated sessions, ranging from mindfulness to creative expression, are designed to inspire personal growth while deepening your bond with the Lifelab community. We organise monthly empathy circles, a structured form of dialogue where participants practice listening and sharing, fostering understanding and empathy. The workshops include Art, music, or writing workshops that encourage self-expression and bonding over shared creativity

Lifelab holistic retreats & digital detox

Rediscover life beyond screens at Lifelab. Our digital detox retreats offer a sanctuary to unplug, rejuvenate, and refocus on what truly matters - fostering real-world connections and immersing in the present moment. We have designated Tech-free zones in our space where members are encouraged to unplug from their devices and enjoy the present moment.